My Origami Owl business and reaching for the sky



Sometimes it’s very difficult to wait, but being on the Origami Owl Designer In Waiting List is truly a blessing in disguise.  The wait time will allow you to do so many things that, once you’re an official Designer, you may not have time for!  Here’s a checklist that I give to all my D.I.W.s as they await their invitation to receive their first Designer kit:

My number is or text me anytime.  If I don’t know the answer I will get it

   1.  Sign up for Pay Pal here  processing service. Use the free Pay reader to swipe Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards (you will need to take additional steps to accept American Express but their customer service will walk you through the process). The reader fits into the headphone jack and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, most Android smartphones or tablets, and BlackBerry smartphones. Or you can manually enter in the card information.    The Pay  Pal  HERE app An and credit card reader only costs you 2.69% per transaction. … you can input your ENTIRE O2 (that’s short for Origami Owl) inventory on the app WITH PICTURES!   You will find that at least 50% of your customers will want to pay with a credit or debit card, and for the one’s who pay with cash and check , you can send them a receipt through Pay pal as well.

2. Start getting social!  You need to wait until you are official to publish a Facebook page or O2 Instagram  profile, however, you can start gathering pictures of lockets and any other fun O2 related stuff so you’re ready.  Pinterest is a fabulous source for O2 pics… and it’s not just for lockets.  Create an O2 board on your Pinterest profile and start pinning locket designs you love, inspirational quotes, great party ideas, jewelry displays.

3. Wear a locket!  I can’t tell you how many comments I have gotten from passersby when I have worn my lockets.  I LOVE the vintage charms especially the little sparrow.   Lately the Tags have really made a statement to my heart and I wear the  I am Blessed tag on a long chain along with my locket

4. Start gathering items for your first Jewelry Bar!  O2 has worked to develop a brand image and it’s SO easy to stick to.  O2 blue and white should be your main colors for any display items you pick up.  White ceramic owls, blue table cloth, white jewelry trays (or the trays that come in your upcoming kit) are perfect.  This was the funniest part for me, I would visit the local antique mall to find anything that I could make a display from….I was in Heaven

5. Choose options for your replicated website name.  Since you will have your own site that you can direct customers to for placing online orders, you will need to come up with a name that is both applicable and easy to replicate.   You can use your own name, a cute saying, or whatever you’d like.  The only restrictions are you cannot use any copyrighted terms, such as, Origami Owl, Living Lockets, etc.

6. You can check your place in line on the wait list at any time by inputting your alpha-numeric DIW number.  Click this link here: